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Our Zero-Tolerance Permission Policy:

Our Responder System sends permission-based e-mails. You have received this email because one of our subscribers has identified your e-mail address as having "opt-in" status (i.e. the holder of your e-mail address has voluntarily shared their address for the purpose of receiving offers and information.) 

The sending of unsolicited commercial e-mail is not permitted using this system. 

When a subscriber to our system sends out e-mail to a list they have loaded into their system, we require that they agree that the members of the list have agreed to receive e-mails from them. Members are required to only use address lists that has been provided to them for the purposes of emailing and have been verified by a leads company.

We use security measures to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of data used by our system. 

How can you stop a member from sending you more email?
If you wish to no longer receive e-mails from this subscriber please reference the "Remove Me" information at the bottom of the email you have received. All Messages sent by our systems include this link / address at the bottom of every message. By clicking this link you are removed from the database immediately

Because we provide a fast way to remove yourself from our list (at no cost to you) the messages do not constitute spamming on behalf of our system.

If you feel someone has sent you spam, please report it to us and we will investigate it immediately.

Send the entire e-mail you received, including the entire email header, plus any information you feel might be relevant. We will investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

TO REPORT SPAM: Abuse Dept. E-Mail

Note: Our members are required to only use Opt-In information by policy. This means that you or someone you know requested information from one of our accounts. Sometimes this is overlooked by the requesting party. If this is in error then our apologies. We provide fast and easy removal methods to prevent you from receiving further emails. To be considered "spam" you must be subjected to "un-requested" e-mails or additional emails after removal requests. If you believe this to be the case then please let us know. In order to properly investigate reports you MUST send the entire email including headers showing the complete email information. We cannot investigate complaints without a copy of the e-mail in question!

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  Did you know. ..

Two main current economic trends are Home Based Business's and the Wellness Industry

Paul Zane-Pilzer, a leading economist, entrepreneur and author of the book, The Next Trillion, has come forward in the past 2 years to predict that the Wellness Industry will be the Next Trillion Dollar Industry by the year 2010. He goes on to describe that this burgeoning industry will actually outstrip the internet in global expenditure

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