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We realise that finances are tight everywhere, but if you would like to make a small donation to assist us in continuing to provide our free support services and items, it would be greatly appreciated. Even though our time and expertise are provided free of charge, there are overheads which are beyond our control. The few products we sell are offered close to cost price and the balance is put straight back into our website overheads. Any assistance you may be kind enough to provide will enable this website to continue to offer its free support to those who need it most.
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This is YOUR website! By becoming an A Zest 4 Health Member you will be able to actively take part in this website.  Whether it is just adding a review; sending us one of your favourite juice/soy/wheatgrass etc  recipes; adding an article in our Newsletter; or sharing an uplifting health story with everyone; perhaps sharing what has worked for you health wise or what hasn't.  If you could add some humour that would be wonderful too. We want you to be part of our team.  Our Newsletters will not be full of Sales promotional offers.  They will include input from you as well as health related information.  

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Each month we will be bringing you FREE books or resources covering health issues.  As Rekindle Health -  the original concept for A Zest 4 Health - was created to support people living with cancer, this month we bring you Healthy Eating For Life - Food Choices for Cancer Prevention and Survival.
This book was written by Neal Barnard MD. who is a nutrition researcher, an author, and the founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a nationwide American organisation of physicians and laypersons that promotes preventative medicine, especially good nutrition.  Click HERE to download this comprehensive and very informative book.  It even includes recipes!




This website has been created for you, the visitor.  In fact we want you to enjoy your visit so much that you will want to be a part of what appears within its pages!

The original concept came from my idea to put together a community styled site - Rekindle Health - for people who are housebound living with cancer, and to offer information, with a few products, that they might not have had access to otherwise.  A section of this site has been dedicated to this, and is beneficial to anyone who is housebound due to illness and looking for support, or some inspiration on how to improve their general  health and well-being during their journey.  We offer no magic cures, just some information, camaraderie, and a few products to help build up stamina and resistance.  No pills and potions here.

Regarding the products available on this site - I started the product list with actual items I bought during my journey.  I bought Dr Norman Walker's books ... which led me to buy an Oscar VitalMAX 900 Juicer ... which led me to juicing Living  Juices ... then to purchasing a Wheatgrass Kit and starting to grow my own wheatgrass ...  you can see the pattern forming.  I thought others might benefit through my experience and research.  I research EVERYTHING before committing myself in every area!  So the products chosen here serve two purposes: 

 1.  to offer them to visitors who may benefit from their stamina building properties; and

 2. to generate some revenue to enable this site to stay on the Web and continue to provide our free services.  

So in general, healthy and vibrant visitors with A Zest 4 Health are very welcome too.  They also purchase these products to stay in peak condition and we welcome their support and input.  I assure everyone that each product is backed by excellent customer service and comprehensive warranties, so you can shop here with confidence.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Again, I stress that this is YOUR site.  I want reviews of the products; feedback on areas that you would like me to research and provide information about; stories and recipes for the Newsletter; absolutely anything health related that you would like to share.  Don't be shy, please tell your friends and family about our site.  

As we travel this journey to Rekindle our Health, here we have the opportunity to do something proactive within it.  During a time when it seems like so many choices have been taken away, and we can easily fall into passive acceptance and become the illness ...  DON'T!!  The possibilities are still endless!  To be proactive  in the journey is a tonic within itself.

Together let's Rekindle our Zest 4 Health and our ...  passion 4 life!

~ Tina





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  Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

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Himalayan Salt Crystals are one of the most powerful enhancers of life force thereby supporting a greater self-healing capacity of the body, and clarity of the mind.

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  Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

  Wholesale Prices - Priceless Benefits

Quality and Beauty

Himalayan Salt Crystals are one of the most powerful enhancers of life force thereby supporting a greater self-healing capacity of the body, and clarity of the mind.

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